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Have Some Fun And Get Active With Our New Playlists
The link between physical activity and mental wellbeing is well known and proven. The National Curriculum requires us to teach pupils the importance of understanding that good physical health contributes to good mental wellbeing, and vice versa. On top of this, music and movement are inextricably linked, and innate. Play a song with a strong beat to a toddler and they will instinctively start to dance. Indeed, for some of our songs, it’s practically impossible not to start moving!
Top Five Songs For Singing Outdoors
The mental and physical health benefits of outdoor play and physical exercise are well-known, and it is likely that finding creative ways to get your class active will be an important part of your curriculum this year. Active songs and playground games are great for this and could be enjoyed in small groups in a large, open space. 
6 Top Primary School ideas For Learning About Insects
What a beautiful world we live in and what amazing creatures we share it with! Although the fauna of a region includes the birds, fish and mammals that live there, for the purposes of this blog, we’re going to start small and enter… Bug World! There is no shortage of interesting specimens to investigate – so grab a magnifying glass and a transparent receptacle if you have them; if not, a keen pair of eyes and a big dollop of curiosity will do! OK, let’s get going…
Six Top Primary School Ideas About Plants And Flowers
Flora and fauna might sound like the latest double act (think Ant and Dec), but they are in fact two amazing aspects of nature. Flora is the general term for plants and flowers and fauna for animals. Here are some ideas to challenge children to find out more about flora!
Five Things We Can Learn From Sport And Apply To Singing
Summer sport fever is hitting here in the Out of the Ark office. To put our enthusiasm to good use, we thought we’d see what we could learn from the world of sport. One word sprang to mind: TEAMWORK! Teamwork is vital whether you’re playing in a rugby match, playing in a symphony orchestra or singing in your local choir. It’s all about working together to accomplish a common goal. In the case of singing, perfect timing and harmonies help to create an unforgettable performance every time - even if it’s just in rehearsal! So what can we learn from the sports field?
6 Songs And Activities About Bugs
We’re simply buggin’ out over the official start of spring on Wednesday 20th March 2019. Just like an insect with six legs, we’ve selected six songs about bugs to get you buzzing for spring. This selection of songs is particularly great for Early Years, with catchy and easy-to-learn tracks specifically designed for younger voices. We’ve also created a few classroom resources for you to utilise as you and your students venture into the world of creepy crawlies!
Sunflower Growing Challenge and Interesting Sunflower Facts
Is there anyone who hasn’t seen a print of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’? The great painter produced two series of paintings inspired by these looming floral giants, and reproductions of his work have adorned the walls of primary schools, doctors’ surgeries, public buildings and homes for generations. Glowing golden and orange they capture the imaginations of children and adults alike, and anyone who has driven through those ‘holiday’ parts of France where ‘tournesols’ grow in happy serried rows can’t fail to have had their own heads turned in appreciation.

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