Welcome back to Out of the Ark Music @HOME!

We’re delighted to bring back our @HOME singing resources to help schools, parents and teachers through yet another lockdown!

Each week we will release two songs for you to sing and enjoy @HOME. Our ambition is to do all we can to allow you to continue to sing during lockdown. Singing can help children to feel connected to their school community, help reduce anxiety and boost wellbeing. It is a highly significant force for good in helping us develop a positive and happy mindset, the ultimate mood-lifter and much needed in these unsettling times!

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Week One

Wake up!

This is an iconic song that has been sung at the beginning of many a school day up and down the country and around the world. It's the perfect, lively start for a new week and a new term!

Taken from Songs For Every Assembly


I’m OK!

Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of personal value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for being ourselves.

Taken from Songs For Every Body

Week Two

Join The Song

An action-packed, challenge-filled song, sure to bring lots of giggles and fun as you sing and try to complete all the challenges set.

Taken from Sing™ Together



A fabulously fun song packed full of lots of different sentence starters, adverbs and words to use instead of ‘said’. Abundantly useful for all types of creative writing – Get creative, let the sentences flow!

Taken from Class Assembly: Literacy

Week Three

Just Sing!

Just Sing! is quirky, creative and captures the heart of Out of the Ark Music. Don't you worry if it's heard or not, keep on singing, give it all you've got, just sing!

Challenge yourself to write some new lines to the song and share your love of singing with family and friends.

Taken from Songs For Every Singing School


Make A Difference

A show-stopping number that inspires us all to think about how we can make the world a better place by doing a simple good deed every day, with the idea that 'passing it forward' creates a world of collective generosity.

Taken from Sing™ A Joyful Assembly

Week Four

Start The Day With Exercise

There's bags of scope with this song for a high-energy workout to start your week. Get singing and moving, and have fun!

Taken from Summer Assembly Songs


Eat Your Greens

This hilarious concoction of healthy fruit and veg, mixed with not-so-healthy food, is quite a tongue-twister! It’s a challenge to sing, but guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Taken from Sing™ Harvest

Week Five


Packed full of joy, this song gives ample opportunities for clapping, stamping and rapping. It's truly a feast of melodic and rhythmic delight bursting with bells, whistles and colour!

Taken from Sing™ A Joyful Assembly


Coordination Funk

What better way to start the week and to get your brain and body in gear for learning? This song is great for general alertness and is good fun to sing!

Taken from Sing™ Warm-ups

Week Six

I Like Books!

A love of reading is such an essential part of growing. Full of fun and bursting with enthusiasm, this will be a great starting point for family discussion, but even greater fun to sing!

Taken from Songs For Every Growing School


7 Days A Week

A fast-paced, rockin' song describing the reasons we love each day – from Monday to Sunday. A great way to dance your way through the days of the week!

Get creative making a family video using this song, then chill out by designing your perfect ‘day of family rest’. Don’t forget to have a go at learning to sign this song too!

Taken from Songs For Every Day

Week Seven

I Heard A Blackbird Singing

This song was written specifically to encourage proactive listening and learning, with each verse featuring a different bird song. A simple, catchy tune with an appealing groove makes it great fun to sing along to.

Taken from Summer Assembly Songs


Brighter Day Tomorrow

This aspirational track addresses the issue of impacting tomorrow by the simple choices we make today. Pretty relevant in today's world, we'd say! It's a steady but strong melodic and memorable ballad, with potential for harmony in the chorus. There's no telling what a difference we can make. This world's waiting for the colours we're yet to create.

Taken from Songs For Every Happy, Healthy School


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