Words on Screen™

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Display Song Lyrics Interactively with Words on Screen™

Words on Screen™ is our pioneering new way of displaying lyrics from our songbooks on interactive whiteboards, touchscreens or other electronic display screens.  It highlights the words to synchronize with the music as it plays.

This widely-adopted method of lyrics display means that our songbooks are now even easier to teach and learn, making Out of the Ark Music the number one choice for primary school songbooks. We are constantly thinking of new ideas and practical ways we can improve our amazing songbook collections. Words on Screen™ is just the start of our developing journey.

This feature is an invaluable resource that can be used alongside over 100 songbooks in our collection. Teaching and learning these songs and musicals has never been easier!

Popular songbooks and musicals available in Words on Screen™ format include: Additionally, many of our top nativities also include Words on Screen™ .

For more information on Words on Screen™ including features and system requirements, click here.