Copyright & Licensing

The world of copyright and licensing can seem rather daunting. Whilst it is a legal requirement for schools to comply with copyright law, we recognise that teachers are extremely busy.

For this reason we try to make the process of compliance as simple as possible.

The guidelines below explain the most common copyright and licensing issues.

Further helpful information can be found on the following website:
And also :    A Guide to Licensing Copyright in Schools (website currently being redeveloped)

And remember, we are always happy to help. For advice simply call our customer services team on 020 8481 7200

General Guidelines

You are free to use the material in our songbooks or musicals for all teaching purposes. However, if our song lyrics are to be reproduced or if our musicals or songs are to be performed to an audience other than pupils and staff then the following legal requirements apply:

Reproduction and Projection of Lyrics

A licence is required if you wish to photocopy or reproduce our lyrics for any purpose, for example to create song-sheets or overhead transparencies or to project the lyrics onto screens or whiteboards, e.g. Words on Screen™. Photocopying of lyrics is covered if you hold an MRL licence from Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), but you should log the songs that are used on the MRL returns form that they send you every year.

Organisations that do not have an MRL licence should contact Out of the Ark Music directly for permission.

Performance of Musicals

The performance of works involving drama, movement, narrative or spoken dialogue requires a title and date specific licence from the copyright holder/publisher. The requirement for a licence is irrespective of admission charges. A new licence would be required for further performances on different dates.

***Please note that your Performing Rights Society (PRS) Licence does NOT cover musicals***

Licences can be purchased from us in two ways – 

1. Standard Licences

  • Affordable licences can be obtained from Out of the Ark by using the application form supplied in each of our musicals and nativity plays. This can be photocopied and posted or faxed to us for assessment.
  • The price charged is determined by the number of performances and whether or not an admission fee is imposed.
  • The licence applies only to the performances covered by the dates printed on the licence.

2. Instant Licences

  • If a musical or nativity play is definitely to be performed within the following few months, buying the instant licence will save time and possibly money.
  • An instant licence permits any number of performances (with or without admission charge) within the 12 month period specified on the licence.
  • The instant licence can be purchased only at the time of ordering the book & CD package (by selecting the option that includes an instant licence).

Words on Screen Multi-User Licences

Every Words on Screen™  package includes a single user licence allowing Words on Screen™   to be installed on one computer. To install Words on Screen™ titles on 2 or more computers on the premises, an Extension Licence must be purchased for each title.

Extension Licence per title is £29.95 / €38.95.

If you require further information on Words on Screen™ licensing, please contact our customer services team on 020 8481 7200

Performance of Songs

If any of our songs are to be performed in public (i.e. for the purpose of entertainment to persons other than the staff or pupils of a school) then royalty payments become due. Most schools have an arrangement with the Performing Right Society (PRS) through their local authority, in which case the performance of songs should be declared to the PRS.

Organisations wishing to perform our songs that do not have an arrangement with the PRS should contact Out of the Ark Music directly.

Audio and Video Recordings

If you wish to make an audio or video recording of any of our works please contact our Customer Services team on 020 8481 7200 or go directly to MCPS who will issue the relevent licence on our behalf.

Other contacts:

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) -
Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) -
Perfoming Right Society (PRS) -

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