Pre-School Nativities

Brilliant Early Years Nativity Musicals!

Putting on a show-stopping Christmas performance doesn't have to be just for the older children - early years children as well as Key Stage 1 love to take part in a nativity!

Our range of pre-school nativity plays and Key Stage 1 nativities includes simple scripts, age-appropriate catchy songs and many are also now available in Words on Screen™ to make learning and teaching the songs even easier.

Our nativity plays for young children really help capture the magic of this special time of year and each one has the true message of Christmas at the heart of the production. No more stubborn donkeys or grumpy sheep!

Perfect for EYFS / pre-school / nursery / kindergarten / reception / KS1 / P1-3 nativities.

For customers in the USA these musicals are also ideal for PK-1 Christmas pageants.