Pictures, Poems & Percussion

Poems for Primary School Children

Create unique learning experiences with this Big Book poetry collection series!

The Pictures, Poems & Percussion collection encourages creativity in pupils by combining poetry and percussion (to help encourage music-makings skills) and wonderful illustrations to fire the imagination. The poems are incredibly diverse, with the imagery and sounds allowing for literacy and art based activities to be explored, including the foundations for creative writing exercises to be implemented too.

The introduction to poetry in particular can be of significant importance to primary school pupils, for some it will be their first experience of rhyming and for many it will be an early opportunity to explore their artistic, musical and creative skills. That is why these books are so popular -they let pupils explore their talents and interests whilst learning.

The audio recordings of the poems provided with each book are amazing - the spoken word is accompanied by imaginative sound effects and music.  You can listen to snippets of the tracks by clicking on the titles above followed by the 'Listen To Songs' tab.

The best thing about these poetry books and recordings is that they give the opportunity for pupils to explore all of the above in a simple way. Innovative, effective and flexible, these books have it all already included, so teachers in particular do not need to worry about a thing!

Ignite the flame of creativity within children and explore the Pictures, Poems and Percussion collection today. You won’t regret it.