Primary School Musicals

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Musical Plays for Primary Schools

It’s time for your budding stars to 'break a leg', with our primary school musicals collections! This fabulous array of musical plays for primary schools offers the widest selection of titles and includes musicals suitable for both primary key stages. From classic titles such as Wind in the Willows, to unique creations like Pirates versus Mermaids, we have something to suit every primary school.

What better way to learn about a specific curriculum based topic, subject or message, than through a musical! As all our musicals are easy both to teach and learn, the process of putting on a musical in school has never been so easy.

With our Class assembly series pupils will be learning the curriculum in a new, fun and engaging format, meaning they are more likely to remember facts and messages for longer afterwards.

The introduction of musicals into school always opens pupils up to whole range of skills they may have not had the opportunity to explore before. Watch their confidence grow and creative mind expand as they take part in one of these brilliant musicals.  The performers, directors and audience will all be guaranteed to have a great experience.

Musicals from outoftheark for KS1 & KS2 / P1-7