Children's Christmas Pantos

Take a look at our brilliant Primary School pantomimes by Mark, Helen and Naomi Johnson and Sue Langwade! They are not to be missed! (Oh no they’re not!)

Each with their own flavour and sprinkling of magic, these funny, quirky and hugely popular pantomimes have been written to make your performance one that’s always remembered!

Aladdin Trouble is a modern take on the famous tale of good versus evil. Complete with a magic lamp, a jazzy genie, three wishes and plenty of witty banter and buffoonery, this panto is sure to get the audience crying with laughter and enthralled in a new take on a classic story.

Cinderella and Rockerfella is a wonderful reworking of the famous story, which includes all of the traditional characters: Cinderella, Prince Charming (known as Rockerfella), Buttons, The Ugly Sisters and The Fairy Godmother. They are also joined by modern-day characters, such as music managers and paparazzi. In a world of celebrity, this hysterical musical has plenty to say about fame, fortune and how love and friendship are the most important things out of them all.

A Hint Of Snow White is our newest, most vibrant and quirky panto! Full of larger-than-life characters – from a nature-loving painter prince to an eccentric queen and her partner in crime, lickspittle. Our writers LOVED putting this one together and are sure you’ll be up on your feet, applauding as fast as you can manage for a grand finale! It’s fun, it’s wholesome, it’s going to bring the house down!