Kids' Christmas Pantos

Utterly brilliant pantomimes by Mark, Helen and Naomi Johnson - Oh Yes They Are!.

Our kids Christmas panto musicals have great songs and humorous scripts, which make for fantastic performances that the children and the audiences will adore.

Aladdin Trouble is a modern take on the famous tale of good versus evil. Complete with a magic lamp, a genie, three wishes and plenty of witty banter and buffoonery. This one is sure to get the audience crying with laughter and enthralled in a new take on a classic story.

Cinderella and Rockerfella is a wonderful reworking of the famous story, which includes all of the traditional characters: Cinderella, Prince Charming (known as Rockerfella), Buttons, The Ugly Sisters and The Fairy Godmother. They are also joined by modern day characters, such as music managers and paparazzi. In a world of celebrity, this funny musical has plenty to say about fame, fortune and how love and friendship are the most important things out of them all.

Our pantomimes are also available with Words on Screen™ software. This provides an easy way to display the words for both rehearsals and performances. The lyrics automatically synchronize with the music as it plays, to get the show up and running as soon as possible.