Infant School Songbooks

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Infant School Songs

Take a look through our amazing infant school songbooks. All are age-appropriate and cover a wide variety of topics and subjects; from religious celebrations, maths, music, science, seasons, animals and many more. The infant school songs that feature in these songbooks are both easy to teach and easy to learn, all the hard work has already been done by us, so teaching the songs is not a worry!
Listen and watch as infants perform these songs, you will see pure joy on their faces the whole way through! Whether they are performing to other year groups, parents or in class as part of a lesson, they will be enjoying every moment when singing these songs, and learning too.   
Younger pupils can sometimes need a bit of extra help when it comes to engaging and contributing, so why not give them the tools they need to respond positively to a specific subject? Encourage learning by using these amazing songbooks and make your lessons a fun and enjoyable experience for teachers and pupils alike.

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