Songs For Every Winter Assembly

By Mark, Helen & Naomi Johnson
Ages: 5-11

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This fabulous addition to our best-selling Songs for EVERY Series will be coming later this year – but we couldn't wait any longer to tell you a bit more about it. Say ‘hello’ to Songs for EVERY Winter Assembly!

This songbook is all about injecting a smile into your winter months, whether that’s by waddling like a penguin, celebrating the joy of a brand-new year, or even perhaps getting groovy with some Christmas-jumper fun. This songbook is one you won’t want to miss. It’s also the home to our much-loved Penguins! song – #dothewaddle and download for FREE here! 

Scroll down to hear previews of our these seasonal songs, covering themes of winter safety, hibernation, Christmas puddings and SO much more!

This new songbook completes our seasonal EVERYs collection, and comes with assembly plans, curriculum links, and all the information and inspiration you’ll need to help bring these songs to life! Each of the 15 assembly plans provides you with age-appropriate content presented in an interesting way, encouraging children to develop their thinking, empathy, positivity and creativity. Plus, a whole host of music activities and curriculum-linked resources are also included.

“The Songs for Every… series should be a staple in every primary school’s music resources. These are your best resource to find any song you need for a school topic or assembly” – Ruth Coles, Music Coordinator.

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About The Songs For EVERY series

Songs of life, songs of colour, songs to make you smile!

The Songs For EVERY Series was created by Out of the Ark Music co-founders and songwriters Mark & Helen Johnson. They have recently been joined by Naomi Johnson who has played a significant part in the creation of our two newest seasonal songbooks within the Songs for EVERY Series.

The songs within this iconic collection have provided enjoyment and inspiration since the first one was launched in 1991.

These tried-and-tested, and much-loved songs are full of life, colour and goodness, and continue to have a hugely positive impact upon countless schools and children everywhere.

Each songbook includes fifteen songs and a feast of original and exciting music activities for you to use alongside them. The two new seasonal songbooks also include fifteen assembly plans, clearly laid out for you to deliver fun, thought-provoking and inspirational assemblies. We want to help you to grab hold of EVERY possibility contained within each and EVERY song and enjoy the opportunities they bring.

All of the titles in the Songs For EVERY Series are available with Words on Screen™ allowing you to display song lyrics on any whiteboard, computer screen, television or interactive touchscreen. The lyrics synchronize with the music as it plays, making them easy to teach and easy to learn!

Listen to Songs

Hey, Mr Snowman!
Be Safe! Be Seen!
Christmas Jumpers!
A Winter Hymn
Good, Good Day
The New Year Song
The Dormouse Song
It’s A Snotty Day!
Christmas Pudding
Did You Know?
Come Rain Or Shine
Light A Candle In The Dark
Sing Song

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