Primary School Songbooks

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Songs for Primary Schools

Our primary school songbooks include a varied collection of the best-written children’s songs. The talented writers of these songbooks are the best in the business and the lyrics will stick with the children long after they have sung them. The songs in these collections can work well as an aid to teaching or as a creative tool to help support a particular subject or topic.
Our songbook series includes must-have staples such as:

   The Songs for EVERY Series
   The Sing Series
   The Out of the Ark ESSENTIALS Series
   The My World Series
   The Class Assembly Series

The majority of books in these collections are also available with Words on Screen software, which makes both learning and teaching these songbooks so much easier for everyone involved. This software provides an easy way to show lyrics in assemblies or wherever you wish to perform. The lyrics automatically synchronize with the music as it plays, which is why it is so easy for the children to learn.