Sung in schools around the world for over 30 years, Out of the Ark’s assembly songbooks are firm favourites for teachers and children. Our values-based assembly songs are perfect for collective worship, or for PSHE or seasonal assemblies. The songs are full of catchy melodies and engaging lyrics and many books come with ready-to-go assembly plans and supporting resources.


Songs For EVERY Summer Assembly

Sing your way through the season of sunshine!

Mark, Helen and Naomi Johnson have written 15 summer must-haves, packed with life, colour and variety. There’s no shortage of joyful songs to explore all the wow and wonder of this glorious season of sunshine, with themes including celebration, nature, moving on, healthy living - and even getting sweaty!

The summer term is full of reasons to sing – appreciating the long, hot summer days, discovering the fantastic array of summer wildlife and calming those pre-SATs nerves.

The possibilities within each song are limitless, but we’ve given a helping hand and added in some fun music activities, plenty of ideas to use the songs to support classroom learning, plus 15 assembly plans to guide you through your summer-term assembly planning.


At Out of the Ark we recognise just how busy teachers are, so we have produced additional ready-made resources to help make assembly planning as simple as possible. Addressing values of thankfulness, understanding, respect, courage, friendship and much more, our series of easy-to-follow, teacher-friendly assembly plans will help you create the perfect assembly!



Summer Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the summer season with our summer scavenger hunt. Can your children find all of the fun items listed?

Five Songs For A Leavers’ Assembly

If you’re looking for some great songs for your leavers’ assembly, we’ve got just the selection in for you! With our collection of heart-warming leavers’ songs, host a celebratory leavers’ assembly to put the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’ as you wave off old friends and welcome new ones.

Spotlight on: That's What I Call A Class Assembly! series

The That’s What I Call A Class Assembly! series for ages 5–11 has been specially designed for classroom teachers as a teaching aid to support, consolidate and reinforce learning in key topics. These books really do bring the curriculum to life!