Junior School Songbooks

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Junior Songbooks For Schools

Our junior school songbooks are the perfect way to get children singing and enthusiastic about learning. Suitable for KS2 and P3-P6, we have a range of topics featured in this collection, as well as class assembly resources that incorporate short musicals!

The Songs For Every Series is a particularly popular series, as is the brilliant Sing™ series, which are both 'must-haves' from this collection of songbooks. Singing and participating in a creative group activity can really help children to use their imaginations and immerse themselves in a task.

Our junior school songbooks include history topics such as: The Romans, The Ancient Greeks, The Ancient Egyptians, The Anglo Saxons, Neil Armstrong and many more. Children will be instantly transported to any of these historic time periods with this fabulous collection of catchy songs.

Whether you would like to use this collection of junior school songbooks as part of a lesson, an assembly or as group project, children will learn a lot whilst having a lots of fun too. Furthermore, they will be learning new skills whilst developing their ability to work in a team and growing in confidence day by day. Browse the collection online to see for yourself and explore other titles that we have featured.