Junior (7-11)

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Junior School Singing Resources

All our junior school singing resources including junior school songbooks, musicals, nativities, junior school plays and hymns have been carefully crafted to produce an amazing range of resources for learning. No matter what subject, title or topics you are looking for, we guarantee to have something suitable. These resources offer an alternative way of learning for junior school pupils. Incorporating either music, song or drama into an educational task can help pupils to get creative and engage in new experiences.

Involve children in something truly special and unique with any of our junior school resources, featuring some popular favourites, such as The Sing™ Series of songbooks and musicals such as the classic Wind in the Willows.

We also have a number of titles that provide a great way to make a curriculum-based topic much easier to learn. By selecting a songbook on a particular subject, your children are able to absorb so much information without even realising it. How can that be possible? Because they are enjoying themselves!

These Junior School Resources are suitable for 7-11 year olds in junior schools including:

England & Wales KS2 (Key Stage 2) - Years 3-6
Northern Ireland & Scotland P4-7
USA Elementary School Grades 2-6