Songs For Literacy

Literacy Songs

These excellent songs for literacy will teach pupils of all primary ages through the powerful medium of song. With a range of literacy resources from classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, for use in classroom with the Early Years children, to great songbooks and poetry books for older kids. You'll find books and CDs here that will be a valuable supplement to literacy in your school, for all.

Classes will be delighted when it’s their turn to learn a literacy song about their favourite curriculum topic. Why not help them remember these creative stories and essential literacy skills that are taught through these songbooks, today?

In addition, our Niki Davies Book Of Lovely Literacy Songs resource now comes with Words on Screen™ - a simple and effective way to teach songs whilst also assisting younger children's reading skills. Words on Screen™ makes learning process easier for everyone!

Why not sing some songs to celebrate the following dates:
Shakespeare Week 16th - 22nd March 2020
World Storytelling Day 20th March 2020
International Children's Book Day 2nd April 2020
National Read A Book Day 6th September 2020
International Literacy Day 8th September 2020
National Poetry Day 1st October 2020

Top Five Songs For Phonics


  1. We're Detectives from My World: I Love Music – This song provides a fun context for practising the differences in phonemes.
  2. March To The Beat from My World: I Love Music – This song engages children in whole body rhythmic activities such as dancing, marching or jumping to the beat.
  3. It's Great When You Know The Alphabet from The Niki Davies Book Of Lovely Literacy Songs – A wonderful song to help remember literacy facts.
  4. The Marching Band from My World: I Love Music Cumulative songs can be used to help recall facts but the rhyme, repetition and structure of a song intself can boost auditory memory and develop sequencing skills too.
  5. That's The Way We're Put Together from Sing™ Warm-ups – Another cumulative song which really puts the 'thinking voice' to the test. Children will have lots of fun performing the actions!

Read our blog Sing Your Way To A Fabulous Phonics Lesson or our Top Ten Literacy Songs for more inspiration.

Out of the Ark Music runs a programme of highly regarded CPD training designed to enhance creativity, and to enable all teachers to engage with singing and incorporate it into their daily teaching routines.
If you would like to become more confident in using music and singing to help develop the teaching of literacy in your school, why not attend our workhop Fabulous Phonics.

Incorporating music into everyday learning especially in primary settings can positively impact learning across other curriculum areas.  Click here to learn more about the research project which we conducted with Professor Susan Hallam MBE: A Singing School Is A Successful School - 2017

"Teachers indicated positive improvement in phonics, listening skills, reading fluently, spatial skills and mathematical skills." - Hallam, which showed a 10% increase in phonics, listening skills, reading fluently and spatial skills.