Whether you are looking to stage a Year 6 leavers' musical, a pantomime, or an engaging traditional tale set to music for younger children, we have it all. To help you find the perfect musical for your age range and cast size, we have put together a handy Musical Finder. You're sure to find the perfect musical for your circumstances, there's plenty to choose from!



A Million Miles Of Wonder

"Aren’t you game for an adventure?" Peter asks Wendy. "Always!" she replies.

Why not share Wendy’s pioneering spirit and take a soaring, uplifting journey all the way to Neverland, where the stories roam freely and the landscape is peopled with fascinating characters? Encounter predatory pirates, wild warriors, shimmering but shallow mermaids and a crocodile with an insatiable appetite for Captain Hook! Enjoy exciting escapades alongside Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Wendy, Michael and John Darling, as they rise above their everyday existence and venture into the unknown, passing the star that’s second to the right and flying straight on till morning. Lose yourself in a wonderful world of make-believe!

Out of the Ark’s award-winning musicals are written and produced by our expert team of songwriters, editors and educators, with many years of experience. Sung by children in schools up and down the country for over 30 years you can be sure these tried and tested musicals will be a delight to perform and watch!


Downloadable Musical Resources

Downloadable musical resources - If you're performing A Bee Musical, why not try our bee themed crossword? Or if you're putting on Treachery At Traitors Quay you could have a go at creating your own evacuee tags.

Top Tips For Filming Your Nativity

We spoke to Emma Cornet, Kodály Musicianship Teacher at Gallions Primary School in London, and Ashley Roye, former Music Manager at Gallions (now Schools Manager at London Music Masters), about their experiences of filming children’s performances.

Nativity Craft Videos

Crafting costumes and props is a really fun way to get everyone in the class involved in this years nativity. Make your own angel wings, donkey ears, or hobby-horse camel, plus loads more!