School Pantomimes

School Pantos 

'He’s behind you!' .... 'Oh no he isn't!' .... 'Oh yes he is!'

That’s right, you've guessed it - this is our very own selection of school pantomimes; Aladdin Trouble and Cinderella & Rockerfella. These adaptions of the original classic tales are the perfect school panto choices, suitable for performers aged 8-11. Each pantomime is easy to teach, easy to learn and easy to follow.  You will bring the house down leaving the audience wanting more.
These fabulous pantomimes feature catchy and original songs to get the audiences’ toes tapping along. Taking part in either of these productions will allow pupils to grow in confidence.  It will also be the first time many pupils will have been involved in a theatrical performance, therefore it gives them the opportunity to be a part of something completely new and exciting.

 Although both storylines feature clever twists on classic tales, both still carry the important messages of the original stories which translate very easily into everyday school life. For example, in Cinderella & Rockerfella the theme of bullying is explored and in Aladdin Trouble the question of remaining true to yourself is at the heart of the story.
Get ready to laugh, cheer, boo, hiss and sing along to the exciting songs in both these pantomimes, as they come to life when performed by pupils in your school.