Songs for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Easter, Leavers, Harvest and Christmas - we have it all! Whether you're planning a big celebration or a low-key class assembly, we've got something to suit you.



A Juicy Collection of Autumn Songs,
Ripe for Singing

Sing™ Harvest is an autumnal collection of harvest songs that includes everything from giving thanks and sowing seeds to harvest celebrations and juicy fruit. There's a lively dance for making bread and even a bunch of singing vegetables! So sing, sing, sing your way into autumn with this delicious collection of exclusive songs about harvest and future harvest favourites.

Sing™ is a fabulous series designed to get your school singing about almost anything and everything! Perfect for assemblies, choirs and group singing.

Out of the Ark’s seasonal songs are firm favourites in schools around the world for teachers and children alike. Harvest favourites such as Harvest Samba, Easter favourites like Spring Chicken, and Christmas favourites like Child In A Manger Born and Unto Us A Child Is Born remain go-to seasonal songs for many thousands of schools in the UK.


Top 5 Harvest Songs For Schools

Schools, churches and communities all over the country still take the time to say ‘thank you’ for their food and to remember all the food growers and producers during Harvest Festival church services or Harvest assemblies in schools. Here are our top Harvest songs.

Harvest Time Resources

Celebrate the Harvest season by make your own conker spider, rainbow plate or autumn leaf mosaic. Or why not try our beans themed crossword!

The Best Primary School Songs For Remembrance Day

If you are planning a Remembrance Day assembly or service in your school, for the annual commemorations on the 11th November, try one of these songs which encourages reflection and thankfulness.