Songs For PSHE

Songs for PSHE

PSHE Songs for Primary School!

Using songs is powerful medium by which to address elements of the PSHE curriculum in the classroom or in assembly.  You could teach these songs as part of a lesson and then get your class to perfom some of them to other classes, so encouraging peer to peer teaching and learning.

We have a range of PSHE / PSHEC related songbooks covering Early Years, KS1 / P1-3 and KS2 / P4-7. Each has been written by the best in the business when it comes to children’s education songbooks. Every one of the writers of our curriculum-based songbooks has a wealth of experience in songwriting, giving you piece of mind that the correct content is covered within the topic or subject you are teaching.

Our latest title, This Is Me, contains 10 fantastic assembly songs to celebrate the wonder, creativity and uniqueness in all of us and inspires personal development through singing!