Songs and music are powerful tools for learning and revising core concepts. Our curriculum songbooks put that power in your hands! Using a song in history to remember dates, or in numeracy to help remember number bonds, can be a powerful tool for a teacher, and a really easy way to accommodate pupils learning styles while everyone has fun together!



Curriculum Crunchers: Maths

Curriculum Crunchers: Maths is the perfect formula for turning KS2 maths topics into catchy, fun songs.

Packed full of lots of inventive ways to embed key maths facts, there are short revision jingles on topics such as square numbers, cube numbers, area, mean average and perimeter; longer songs to unpack a concept further, covering factors, angles, place value, triangles and much more; and four essential times tables songs for nailing the 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables.

Curriculum Crunchers: English

Curriculum Crunchers: English is the perfect complement to KS2 English language lessons, turning core grammatical concepts into catchy, fun songs.

Packed full of lots of inventive ways to embed key learning, there are short revision jingles covering pronouns, prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, subordinate clause and comparatives; songs to deal with tenses, word types, alliteration, synonyms, punctuation and much more; and general songs about interesting vocabulary and formal/informal language.

More and more research is coming through regarding cognitive load, and the recognition that music and singing are tools that can really help focus and improve children’s memory for information. Singing cuts through distraction and highlights the important details and if learning is fun, children engage, and if they engage – they’ll remember. In 2017 Out of the Ark worked with professor Susan Hallam MBE to look at how songs can, among other things, improve attainment in the classroom. You can you can read more about the project here.


The Singing Schools Research Project: A Research Project With Susan Hallam

In 2017, in collaboration with Professor Susan Hallam MBE and the Milton Keynes and Sheffield Music Hubs, Out of the Ark Music conducted a major research project into the most effective ways of integrating music (and singing in particular) into the school curriculum.

Our #candomusic Recovery Curriculum

As schools return, many have developed or are developing recovery curriculums (based on the excellent work of Barry Carpenter, Professor in Mental Health in Education at Oxford Brookes University) to help repair the damage done by the COVID-19 outbreak, and it is clear that this year will need even more careful thought than usual.

Six Top Ideas For Learning About Plants And Flowers

Flora and fauna might sound like the latest double act (think Ant and Dec), but they are in fact two amazing aspects of nature. Flora is the general term for plants and flowers and fauna for animals. Here are some ideas to challenge children to find out more about flora!