Songs and music are powerful tools for learning and revising core concepts. Our classroom songbooks put that power in your hands! Using a song in history to remember dates, or in numeracy to help remember number bonds, can be a powerful tool for a teacher, and a really easy way to accommodate pupils learning styles while everyone has fun together!



Sing, Learn, Remember!

It's 1666 and in the aftermath of the Great Fire, Samuel Pepys and his fellow Londoners have gathered together to recount the events of the last few days. Is Thomas Farriner to blame? Should the Mayor of London have done more? How did King Charles II intervene? And how will they all go about rebuilding London?

The Great Fire Of London includes 3 songs, 4 pages of cross-curricular ideas, extension work and an assembly script.


More and more research is coming through regarding cognitive load, and the recognition that music and singing are tools that can really help focus and improve children’s memory for information. Singing cuts through distraction and highlights the important details and if learning is fun, children engage, and if they engage – they’ll remember. In 2017 Out of the Ark worked with professor Susan Hallam MBE to look at how songs can, among other things, improve attainment in the classroom. You can you can read more about the project here.


The National Plan for Music Education: Sparkyard’s got you covered!

There’s a lot to digest in the NPME, but whether you are an experienced musician, are soon taking on a music lead role, or you just need a little more support, Sparkyard has everything you need to ensure that singing truly is a golden thread that runs through every part of your school’s life and culture.

The Story Of Sparkyard

Sparkyard, our brand-new subscription service, is on its way and we thought we'd tell you a little bit about how Sparkyard came to be - the 'why' behind Sparkyard. We know that Sparkyard is positively going to impact schools, teachers and children all around the UK!

Spotlight on: That's What I Call A Class Assembly! Series

The That’s What I Call A Class Assembly! series for ages 5–11 has been specially designed for classroom teachers as a teaching aid to support, consolidate and reinforce learning in key topics. These books really do bring the curriculum to life!