Musicals For Churches

Children's Musicals for Churches

Looking for a great biblical musical to perform in church or Sunday School? Look no further - our musicals for churches collection is the answer to your prayers!

With memorable songs and engaging scripts our musicals are perfect for that special performance. Choose from the Bible stories such as; Daniel, Jonah, David and Goliath, or an allegorical tale such as the Peace Child inspired by Don Richardson's book of the same title.

Each musical has a special quality making it great fun to perform, easy-to-stage and hugely enjoyable to watch. Together with the songbook and script, an audio CD is provided which includes both backing and vocal tracks to make rehearsals and performances even easier.

Our kids church musicals will bring the whole congregation together for a performance not to be missed. You will be able to see the growing confidence in every child each time the musicals are rehearsed all the way up until the final performance. Working together as a team to create these brilliant musicals will help teach children vital skills and help in their social and personal development.

Browse through our collection of Musicals for Churches today!