Seasonal Songbooks

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Learning About the Seasons through Song

Sing your way all through the school year by celebrating the changing seasons!

This series of seasonal songbooks for primary schools and early years will ensure happy singing from Spring through Summer and Autumn right up to Winter and Christmas, making them ideal for both assemblies and classroom singing. It’s a great way to get pupils learning seasons and welcoming their change throughout the school year.

Every seasonal songbook comes with an accompanying audio CD containing all of the songs sung by children, plus backing tracks that are ideal for rehearsal and to support performance.  Most schools now also choose to buy the Words on Screen™ CD ROMs that are available for every title - the perfect way to teach seasons in primary school. The lyrics highlight automatically with the music as the song is played.

With a range of titles to suit all primary school ages these seasonal songbooks will engage the whole school as pupils eagerly await the next season and celebrate in song. Why not make a new school tradition? Introduce songs from the seasonal songbook series into each assembly after the holidays, so that the entire school can start each new term and season on a positive note.