The Songs for EVERY Series

Britain's Favourite Assembly Songbooks for Schools

The Songs for EVERY series was created and written by Out of the Ark Music's co-founders Mark and Helen Johnson who had the original vision to write quality songs for children to sing in schools. The series has provided enjoyment and inspiration for many years. With great songs that are suitable for primary school pupils, they include thought-provoking themes that support SEAL, PSHE and Value-Based Education. These tried and trusted songs continue to have a hugely positive impact upon countless schools and children everywhere, and our belief in their value and potential has led us to produce this refreshed and updated version of the series.

Knowing how much musical potential there is in these fabulous songs, we've added a number of original and exciting music activities in each book for you to use alongside them. We want to help you grab hold of every musical possibility contained within each and every song and enjoy the learning opportunities they bring. The imaginative musical activities will open up the thematic content of the songs, by linking with the wider curriculum and beyond.

The additional activities are not intended to be prescriptive, our aim is to provide inroads towards creative music education using material that we know will equip, give confidence and inspire everyone. This flagship series continues to be an absolute must for every school.

All of the songbooks shown on this page are also available with the hugely popular Words on Screen™ software. This provides an easy way to display the words on display screens  in assemblies or in class - the lyrics automatically synchronize with the music as it plays.

23 seconds to make you smile!

Wake Up! Dance

Together - Signing Sample

7 Days A Week - Signing Sample