Nativities & Christmas Musicals For Ages 7-11

Nativities & Christmas Musicals - Ages 7-11

Put on a great junior school Christmas show with one of these brilliant nativities and Christmas musicals, all written with 7-11 year olds in mind!  (Some titles also cater for a wider age range, giving scope for a whole school production).  
Key Stage 2 (P4-7) children will enjoy performing these musicals because all of the songs and scripts in our Christmas productions are engaging and age-appropriate.

Following the runaway success of Lights, Camel, Action! in 2016 we are proud to present a brand new Christmas musical production Lights, Camel, Action! 2 - The Sequin  Its still Strictly the Nativity with all new songs, a new script and new dances!

By popular demand, many of the Out of the Ark musicals shown on this page are also available with Words on Screen software.  This provides an easy way to display the words for both rehearsals and performances alike. The lyrics automatically synchronize with the music as it plays, it really doesn’t get a lot easier than that.