Assembly Songs For Christmas

Christmas Assembly Songs

The festive tradition of singing Christmas songs and carols has always had a precious place in the lives of school children.

Enrich your Christmas assemblies and concerts with these fantastic Christmas songbooks and help to capture the magic of this special time of year.

If you are looking for top-quality Christmas songs for primary schools, our popular Christmas song collections - including Songs for EVERY Christmas, A Cracking Christmas! and Essential Christmas Carols - are all you need to get you in that Christmas mood.

All of our Christmas songbooks come with an audio CD and many are also available with Words on Screen™ software.  This provides an easy way to display the words for both rehearsals and performances alike. The lyrics automatically synchronize with the music as it plays.

Browse through this fabulous selection of resources and we're sure you'll agree that Out of the Ark Music is the home of great Christmas music for primary schools!

School Assembly Songs - Christmas Songs Compilation

Merry Christmas To You (Signing Video)