Unmissable Musicals For Primary Schools
Unmissable Musicals For Primary Schools

The Bee Musical


We are simply buzzing to introduce to you this delightful and educational musical for 5-9s, from some of our bestselling writers. Mr Waxworth and his busy team are eager to do their part in the world, except for one bee – Grumble Bee! However, as the colonies begin to collapse, Grumble Bee begins to understand and appreciate her value and what she can bring to keep the bees buzzing brightly! This musical comes with SO many BEEsources for you to support your learning as you put on this fabulous production – check them out!

This musical has so much goodness wrapped up ready for you to enjoy! We're so pleased to have this joyful and relevant musical as part of our catalogue – it's a beautiful story that you won't want to miss!

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