Teachers, families, waddlers alike – we are SO excited to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working on! Allow us to introduce you to our brand-new song, Penguins! This song is going to be an Out of the Ark classic, so we’ve decided to let you have it on the house – it’s too smiley not to share!

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The BRAND-NEW, FREE song for you to download and start singing!

Our BRAND-NEW music video, which is guaranteed to raise a smile!

A BRAND-NEW assembly AND resources to go with it!

And the fun doesn’t stop there – Our friends at WWF have even more resources for you!
To get your free Penguins! song, simply click on the button below to add the song to your basket, log in to your Out of the Ark account and check out as normal. You will not be charged for the song. You will find the Penguins! in your Words on Screen™ Player.
Words on Screen™ is our unique software that allows you to teach songs with ease. It uses our Singchronize® technology, which enables the song lyrics to synchronize automatically with the music – a great way to display song lyrics in the classroom or in the hall. Get this and more when you download your free song!

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To help with your penguin topic work, we’ve got a fabulous, FREE assembly plan AND even a little scripted performance for you to dive into! Fancy jazzing up your classroom display, or learning all of the 18 species in speedy time? Look no further – we’ve also got a penguin poster for you to enjoy! All of these resources can be found when you download your free song!
Fancy getting involved? Tag us in your school’s or class’s waddling clips on social media and use the hashtag #dothewaddle, or send them to penguins@outoftheark.com and get fundraising for the preservation of penguins!

Want to know more about penguins and what you can do to help? Head on over to our friends at WWF! You’ll find a whole huddle of information about fundraising, how to get involved with your school, and fun downloadables including colouring-in sheets and word searches.

Dive a little deeper into the world of penguins and preservation with our guest blog from WWF.
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This exciting new songbook completes our seasonal set within the Songs For EVERY Series, and is home to our Penguins! song.

Sit tight for the launch of Songs For EVERY Winter Assembly, with 14 more songs covering themes of winter safety, hibernation, Christmas jumpers and SO much more to keep the penguins company!

Listen to the snippets here.
For lots more fun and features, don’t forget you can can access Penguins! in Sparkyard! Just type ‘Penguins’ in the search bar when you’re logged in to your Sparkyard account. Here you’ll be able to find some inspiring music and cross-curricular activities, as well as have the ability to share the song for your class to access at home! Sparkyard is free to trial for 30 days.