5 Songs For A Leavers' Assembly

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As the school year comes to an end, many children are preparing for a big step in their lives. Leaving primary school can be an emotional experience which is why it is so important to celebrate the end of an amazing journey with an assembly that unites a year group and school, one last time.

It’s likely you’re on the look-out for some great songs for your leavers’ assembly and, luckily for you, we’ve got just the selection in the list below! With our collection of heart-warming leavers’ songs, host a celebratory leavers’ assembly to put the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’ as you wave off old friends and welcome new ones.


1. Today We Celebrate from  Summer Assembly Songs, ages 5-11
Today We Celebrate may require a few tissues on hand with its touching lyrics and lovely melody! Sung in two parts, with scope for solos or small groups, this poignant song is perfect for a school choir to sing in a leavers' concert.
This song also comes with a BSL Signing video – available when purchasing a package that includes Words on Screen™ only.
Today We Celebrate from Summer Assembly Songs, BSL Signing Video Sample.

2. So Long, Farewell, Cheerio! from Summer Assembly Songs, ages 5-11
This song is a fun twist on one of the most famous 'goodbye songs' of all time. So Long, Farewell, Cheerio! is a wonderfully sweet songs, perfect for a light-hearted leavers' assembly.


3. Leavers' Song from Songs For Every Occasion, ages 5-11
Written especially for Year 6 children as they leave primary school, this song reminds us of the many happy times we’ve had, and many songs we’ve sung. It’s a song of affirmation and celebration to mark the end of one phase, and to welcome a new beginning.
Make your leavers' assembly even more special by prepping for the occasion with a variety of classroom activities. Our Pinterest board, School Songs - Leavers' Songs is packed with an abundance of great ideas for celebrating leavers.


4. It's Time To Celebrate from Sing A Joyful Assembly, ages 5-11

A fabulously energetic song for all those celebratory times at school – team successes, end of term and leavers’ assembly.

5. Change And Grow from Songs For Every Happy, Healthy School, ages 5-11
A moving ballad anthem with a big heart, reminding us that everything changes and grows but there is joy and hope in the journey.
This song also comes with a BSL Signing video – available when purchasing a package that includes Words on Screen™ only.
Change And Grow from Songs For Every Happy, Healthy School, BSL Signing Video Sample.

Written by Florence Robjohn - Creative Marketing Assistant, Out of the Ark Music Team.
Updated April 2022

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