Workshop 4

Fabulous Phonics

There is much research available to show that music and speech share a number of the same processing systems, and that active engagement with music aids the brain’s early encoding of linguistic sounds. Phonemic awareness, speech processing, reading comprehension, recall of verbal information – all have been shown to benefit from musical training. This workshop, aimed at both specialist and non-specialist musicians, is an essential guide to using music and singing to develop phonics and literacy when teaching children aged 3 – 7.

Who is this for?: Teachers of children aged 3-7
Duration: 90 minutes


Included In This Session:

  • A comprehensive guide to using music to enhance the teaching and learning of phonics and literacy.
  • Developing listening skills and phonological awareness; relationship between sounds and symbols; rhythm and rhyme; alliteration, oral blending and segmenting.
  • Literacy elements: alphabet; vocabulary development; features of language (onomatopoeia, verbs, homophones, etc.)
  • Creativity in language and story-telling.

Time permitting, the workshop will also include:

  • An introduction to Words on Screen™, our easy-to-use software, which guarantees that any teacher, no matter what their musical ability, will feel confident teaching songs and delivering great-quality music resources across the school curriculum.

Free Resources:

  • Access to two free songs to use across your classroom or school.
  • Activities Chest – an easy-to-follow activities bank, full of lessons, great tips and ideas.
  • A clear and helpful glossary.
  • A discount voucher for a really great deal on The Niki Davies Book Of Lovely Literacy Songs and My World: I Love Music.

For more information or to book an Out of the Ark Music Workshop for your school, academy chain or Music Hub (UK ONLY),
please contact our Workshops Team Tel: 020 8481 7203


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