This online workshop is delivered via Zoom and will show you how to use singing as the basis for delivering the National Curriculum for music. Our workshop leaders who are singing/music specialists experienced in developing and delivering singing in schools, will help you learn how to get more than you ever thought possible from your favourite songs.

Using the completely refreshed and updated Songs For EVERY series as a foundation, you will learn how to unpack any song and make it the springboard for a fun, fresh and imaginative learning journey, relevant to any subject. This session will help you think outside the box and spark creativity and imagination in and out of the classroom. You will leave with a comprehensive list of song resources and the expertise to apply them flexibly to support learning in curricular subjects.

All classroom teachers – specialists and non-specialists.
90 minutes.
  • Easy to learn, catchy songs you’ll love to sing.
  • Curriculum activities with practical, creative examples to show how using a song can support music lessons as well as the wider school curriculum.
  • Video content showing real-life examples of music activities in the classroom.
An introduction to Words on Screen™, our easy-to-use software, which guarantees that any teacher, no matter what their musical ability, will feel confident teaching songs and delivering great-quality music resources across the school curriculum.
Fantastic resources to take away:
Every delegate who attends our workshops will receive an inspiring digital pack of resources to kickstart their journey right away which include the following, and lots more:
  • Fabulous lesson plans – start teaching right away!
  • Access to three free songs to use in your classroom or school.
  • Inspiring cross-curricular ideas – energize learning across the curriculum.
  • Music activities – learn a song and use it to teach the music curriculum.

For any queries about workshops for your school, academy chain or Music Hub (UK only) please contact our helpful workshop team: