Workshop 2

A Singing School Is A Successful School

Grounded in solid research, this workshop is aimed at every teacher in every school. We will show you how you can use music to improve literacy and numeracy; promote well-being and team spirit through whole-school singing; and influence mood/attention in the classroom. With loads of fabulous free resources, the session has been designed to allow attendees to incorporate great new ideas into their teaching right away.

Who is this for?: Teachers of children aged 5-11
Duration: 180 minutes (full session) or 120 minutes (a cut-down version, covering the same areas but in less detail). We strongly recommend that, where possible, you try to find the time for the full 3-hour workshop.

children singing

You Will Receive Clear Guidance On

  • How you can use music to support curriculum areas from phonics and literacy to numeracy.
  • How active engagement with singing can have an enormous impact on pupils’ intellectual, social and personal development.
  • How whole-school singing, especially in assemblies, can promote team spirit and create a collaborative learning environment.
  • How to influence mood and attention in the classroom through the use of music.

Included In The Session:

  • A couple of fun warm-ups.
  • Practical examples of how to use songs to support different learning styles across the general school curriculum.
  • Great tips on how to teach songs and get the most out of them, using Take 5 Styles and Good Morning as examples.

Time permitting, the workshop will also include:

  • An introduction to Words on Screen™, our easy-to-use software, which guarantees that any teacher, no matter what their musical ability, will feel confident teaching songs and delivering great-quality music resources across the school curriculum.

Fantastic Resources To Take Away:

  • Lesson plans for 5-9s and 7-11s.
  • Access to two free songs to use in your classroom or school.
  • Play-Doh and ‘Top Trumps’ activities (amongst many others).
  • Curriculum activities with practical, creative examples showing how songs can support music lessons as well as the wider school curriculum.
  • Video content showing real-life examples of music activities in school.

For more information or to book an Out of the Ark Music Workshop for your school, academy chain or Music Hub (UK ONLY),
please contact our Workshops Team Tel: 020 8481 7203


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