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KS1 Music Resources

Our range of infant school songs and musicals has been carefully crafted by Britain's top children's songwriters. These KS1 music resources are perfect to engage pupils in more creative and new learning method. No matter the subject, topic or event that is being highlighted, all our infant music resources are the best way to get pupils excited about learning.
Ideal for 5-7 year olds in infant schools:
  • England / Wales / Northern Ireland KS1 
  • Scotland P1-3 
  • Years 1-2 
  • USA PK-2
Popular titles in our Infants collection for both songs and musicals include: Out the Ark is dedicated to delivering the most exciting collection of songs and musicals appropriate for primary school infants. We are always updating and adding to our collections, introducing the latest and greatest music resources. Why not make learning and teaching easier for everyone involved? All you need to do is incorporate these songbooks and musicals for infants in school and in lessons today, it’s a simple as that.