Instant Access PDFs & MP3s - Info And Troubleshooting

I have paid for my Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack and haven’t received my link email!
Please check the spam box on your server or your computer, the email may have been placed in there. Alternatively you can log in to your Out of the Ark online account and access your files via your My Instant Access PDFs & Mp3s section.

I have clicked on the link but it is taking a long time to download.The Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack containing your PDF of the songbook, your MP3 backing and vocal tracks is quite large (between 70 and 170mb), depending on the speed of the broadband, it might take up to 60 minutes to complete the download - but in many cases it will download in under 5 minutes. Please be aware that you only have limited attempts to download your Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack. Please remember to save it to your computer once you start the download process.

I have downloaded my Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack but I can’t find it on my computer!If you are downloading to your own personal computer, the download will have gone into the download folder on your hard drive. If you are downloading in a school, the download may go straight on to your server and you may have to ask the person in charge of your IT to retrieve it for you.

Can I put the MP3 song files onto our internal school network?
Yes you may, but the songs cannot be placed on to a parent portal or shared beyond the school. Sharing song files beyond your school network could constitute illegal file sharing and would be a breach of copyright law.

Am I allowed to share this digital songbook, MP3s and backing tracks with another school, club, church or drama group?
No, this download is for your school or group only and can only be shared with the pupils of your school. This is still material that is under copyright, we are just granting you a limited licence to use it within your school or group.

I’m stuck - I can’t download the Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack/ I have downloaded it and can’t find it on my system and have tried everything that you have suggested above/I am in danger of getting so frustrated that I may damage my computer!Our offices are open from 9am – 5pm; Monday – Friday and someone here will be happy to help you. Please call our customer services number on 020 8481 7200. Please be aware that it is somewhat difficult to know what system/computer set up that your school or club might be using but we are confident that the majority of our customers will be able to download without any difficulties.

Do I still need to log use of songs on my CCLI report or if I print or copy the PDF of the book, should it be logged on our MRL report?
Yes, absolutely.

Can I just buy the Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack without the physical book and CD or Instant Performance Licence?No, the only reason that we can sell you the Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack for such a low price is because you have already purchased the physical product and licence.

I have previously purchased a songbook from Out of the Ark and I now want to buy the Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack, is this possible?
Unfortunately no, our system does not allow us to do this. If you want the Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack, you have to purchase the product at the same time.

Can I buy an Instant Access PDF & MP3 Add-on Pack if I am purchasing a book over the phone or sending a faxed order?
Unfortunately no, this is a product that can only be purchased online through our website.