11 original songs written by Mark, Helen and Naomi Johnson, plus an imaginative script full of humour and fun, written specifically for 7-11 year olds to enjoy.

  • 80 mins
  • 45 speaking parts
  • 50 cast size
  • 11 songs

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    1. Tell Me A Story
    2. Don’t Look Down
    3. Tick-Tock
    4. Wendy House
    5. Pirates Of The Sea
    6. Look At Me!
    7. Loyal To You We Stand
    8. How Did We End Up Here, Nana?
    9. Do You Believe In Fairies?
    10. You’ve Done It Again, Mr Smee!
    11. Don’t Look Down (Reprise)
    12. It’s A Good Life!
    13. Peter Pan Overture

"Aren’t you game for an adventure?" Peter asks Wendy. "Always!" she replies.

Why not share Wendy’s pioneering spirit and take a soaring, uplifting journey all the way to Neverland, where the stories roam freely and the landscape is peopled with fascinating characters? Encounter predatory pirates, wild warriors, shimmering but shallow mermaids and a crocodile with an insatiable appetite for Captain Hook! Enjoy exciting escapades alongside Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Wendy, Michael and John Darling, as they rise above their everyday existence and venture into the unknown, passing the star that’s second to the right and flying straight on till morning. Let your imagination loose - set it free and lose yourself in a wonderful world of make-believe.

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There are 45 speaking parts (plus essential non-speaking roles – Shadow and fairies, although the mermaids could double as the fairies).

Increasing The Cast Size

The speaking parts can easily be increased to 60 if you allow for six additional wild warriors and split the lines accordingly; seven additional pirates and split the lines accordingly; and two narrators.

Have as many additional non-speaking pirates, warriors and fairies as you like to further increase the cast size.

Decreasing The Cast Size

The cast list can be reduced to 32 speaking parts by doing the following:

  • Reduce number of Wild Warriors to five and reallocate lines accordingly
  • Pirates 1-5’s lines could be taken instead by the named pirates in the play
  • Liza and Mrs Darling could double up as mermaids
  • Mr Darling could double up as the Chief
  • One child could say the twins’ lines
  • Two of the Lost Boys could double as the Shadow and the Ship’s Cook

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