We’re thrilled to launch this brand-new seasonal addition to our best-selling Songs for EVERY Series, Songs For EVERY Spring Assembly, joining our recently released Songs For EVERY Autumn Assembly.

This collection of fifteen feel-good songs by Mark, Helen and Naomi Johnson is jam-packed with life, colour and variety, and joins the others in the series to undoubtedly become a firm favourite in UK primary schools.
Bursting with inspiration and possibilities, there’s no shortage of joyful songs to explore all the wow and wonder of this magical season of hope. With themes including new life, nature, thankfulness, Pancake Day and Easter, each song enables you to explore these thoroughly with pick-up-and-go assembly plans, music activities, curriculum-linked ideas and three BSL signing videos.

With 15 ready-to-go assembly plans in our new Songs For EVERY Spring Assembly collection, we have got you covered! Each assembly provides you with age-appropriate content presented in an interesting way, encouraging children to develop their thinking, empathy, positivity and creativity. Using examples drawn from spring themes, the assemblies are geared to help children explore aspects of life which will link into most schools’ values.

So why not put the ‘sing’ in your spring this season?

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for another Songs for EVERY Series release coming after Easter – guesses on a sunny postcard!
We’re so pleased that 12 of the songs formerly in Spring Assembly Songs now join our iconic Songs for EVERY Series to form this new songbook, along with 3 brand-new additions. If you have purchased Spring Assembly Songs we would love to give you a free Songs for EVERY Spring Assembly eSongbook. All you need to do to claim yours is send an email to orders@outoftheark.com and include your original Spring Assembly Songs order number, or your school name and postcode.
We’re Making Pancakes!
‘Don’t put too much sugar on the top!’ Get moving with our dance video for this song. The full dance video is available with each purchase of Songs for EVERY Spring Assembly.
Songbird Craft
Enjoy our wonderful craft video making songbird hand puppets to ‘sing’ along. The full craft video is available with each purchase of Songs for EVERY Spring Assembly.
SingSign™ BSL Signing Videos
With each purchase of Songs for EVERY Spring Assembly, you'll have access to three SingSign™ BSL Signing videos. Learn the signs for Because It’s Springtime!, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! and As The Sun Rises with Paul Whittaker and Helen Watson.