Sparkyard From Out of the Ark
Sparkyard From Out of the Ark
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Access over 1,000 Out of the Ark songs, masses of incredible resources plus a fully flexible music curriculum with our award-winning subscription platform, Sparkyard. Collaborate with your colleagues, create your own collections and playlists, favourite songs and resources and send Share Links home with pupils to aid rehearsals or support home learning.

Sparkyard truly enables all teachers to bring singing to every corner of their school.

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In the video below, Pete shows you how to create and use a Share Link in Sparkyard. Share Links are a handy way to help your children sing at home. They can be used for revision, homework or a bit of fun!
Or, if you own a nativity or musical eSongbook, you can use Share Links to help with rehearsing.

For further information about Share Links, click here.

We’re also proud to say that we’re already awarding-winning, after receiving the Outstanding Music Education Award at the Music and Drama Education Awards 2023.

The judges praised Sparkyard as a significant, comprehensive resource for primary teachers. The judges highlighted the affordability of the resource for schools with varying budgets, and applauded its potential for effective use by specialist music teachers, and non-musicians.

What people love about Sparkyard:

Excellent choice of songs for the whole school, all ages. Because it's accessible instantly, I can have the classes singing within moments between non-music activities. Just brilliant!

Emma Worthy, Music Teacher

Sparkyard is a great resource for non-music specialists as the music curriculum is all planned and ready for you deliver. Every child is able to access the music curriculum through Sparkyard. Children love the songs and the practical activities taught through the lessons for each year group.

Year 2 Teacher and Music Co-ordinator, All Saints CE Primary School

Upbeat, motivating songs that the children really enjoy. The backing tracks and words on screen are really helpful. The curriculum resource is also helpful. I think it has motivated children who don't enjoy singing and made them realise how fun it can be.

Susan Gorham, St Mark's Primary School