We are excited and honoured to be able to present our newest musical, You Are Special, based on the best-selling book by Christian author Max Lucado. Retold and brought to life through seven songs by Mark, Helen and Naomi Johnson, with a script by Sue Langwade, this much-loved, modern-day parable comes with a vital message: that regardless of what other people think or the ‘labels’ we may be given, we are loved and valued, just as we are.

With huge potential to help unpack key values of acceptance and self-worth, You Are Special is a beautiful musical that will touch the hearts and minds of teachers, parents and children alike.

This musical comes with two pages of creative extra-curricular ideas to help further explore the values and themes within the story.

Listen To The Songs


Listen To The Narration

Along with seven fantastic songs we have included a shorter narrated script for smaller-scale performances, plus an audio track great story time in the classroom.

You Are Special is an adaptation
of the international best-seller
by author Max Lucado