OUT OF THE ARK MUSIC @HOME - Terms & Conditions

  • We want you to use our @HOME songs and resources and share the links to our @HOME website page and youtube channel, to access song videos and pdfs to those that may need them - parents, teachers and children.
  • Out of the Ark Music are "lending" you these full versions of our songs whilst schools are closed/partially closed - they still belong to Out of the Ark Music and are only available on a temporary basis. At the end of this period the song videos and links will be removed as we must protect the rights of our songwriters and their future earnings.
  • For any resources including videos that you might be creating to share with other teachers, parents and children, please do not attempt to download the videos but access the resources from our website or YouTube channel. So that in the future we don't have to ask you to remove any videos which could have a detrimental effect on your own channels/accounts.
You Can:
  • Share the @HOME website page and the Out of the Ark Music YouTube Channel video links. 
  • Include the above links on your schools' website page.
  • Stream the songs via YouTube - subject to the appropriate CCLI and PRS Streaming Licence.
  • Use the songs in the background for any lessons you may be creating as videos.
Please Do Not:
  • Download the Words on Screen™ videos and use them within your own resources - share the links instead.
  • Make recordings of our @HOME songs or any other Out of the Ark Music songs which may be used at a future date in your own lessons/resources.
  • Upload / share ANY other Out of the Ark Music songs or Words on Screen™ videos or post them on a website without the permission from the copyright holders - Out of the Ark Music.
  • If you wish to use any other songs apart from our @HOME free resources, please contact Customer Services on 0208 481 7200.
Thank you for respecting copyright rules.