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Song TitleWriterCategoryAgePriceMore Info
HushAnn BryantCurriculum5-11£3.96More InfoBuy


This is an invaluable resource for any teacher, music-specialist or otherwise. A beautiful poem with a magical backing track of other-worldly sounds that will mesmerise children and open the door to all sorts of questions and ideas about sounds, noise, words and much, much more, giving masses of scope for further literacy, music and topic work.

Musical Style: Calm, still and eerie
Age: 5-11
Subject: Literacy; Art & design; Poetry; Music
Vocal Range: n/a
Key: n/a
Musical Elements: Scope for added percussion
song price: £3.96
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In My Paint BoxAnn BeresfordCurriculum4-7£3.96More InfoBuy

In My Paint Box

The three primary colours are the stars of this song as they mix together to make new ones. A fantastic tool to help remember colour-blend combinations.

Musical Style: Energetic, finger-picking blue-grass
Age: 4-7
Subject: Art & Design; Colours
Vocal Range: Large (B-D)
Key: G
Musical Elements: Octave leaps
song price: £3.96
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Mine's A Mutt!Mary Green and Julie StanleyCurriculum3-7£3.96More InfoBuy

Mine's A Mutt!

A cumulative song, giving more and more funny descriptions of this dog with no pedigree but loads of personality – and a best friend to boot!

Musical Style: Happy
Age: 3-7
Subject: Animals; Art & Design; PSHE & Citizenship
Vocal Range: Large (C-D)
Key: F-G
Musical Elements: Modulation; Cumulative lyrics
song price: £3.96
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Poetry in MotionAnn BryantCurriculum5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Poetry in Motion

This brief but stunning poem comes from our beautiful collection Picture, Poems & Percussion 2. Each of its six lines contains a strong visual, kinaesthetic and sonic image, affording numerous opportunities for developing ideas across the curriculum.

Musical Style: Spoken
Age: 5-9
Subject: Poetry; Music & Movement; Art & Design
Vocal Range: N/A
Key: N/A
Musical Elements: Percussion
song price: £3.96
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The Doodling SongMary Green and Julie StanleyCurriculum3-7£3.96More InfoBuy

The Doodling Song

A mysterious introduction leads into a riotous verse full of ideas for fantastic doodles. This song will inspire even the most artistically challenged to create a masterpiece and the children will love the triumphant ‘TA-DA’ at the end!

Musical Style: Dramatic
Age: 3-7
Subject: Art & Design
Vocal Range: Medium (C-C)
Key: C
Musical Elements: Tempo change; minor/major keys; chromatic singing
song price: £3.96
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ValentineNiki DaviesSeasonal3-7£3.96More InfoBuy


An adorably simple valentine song to accompany all your celebrations and craft-making for this special day.

Musical Style: Gentle
Age: 3-7
Subject: Art & design; History; Love
Vocal Range: Medium (C-C)
Key: C
Musical Elements: Legato singing
song price: £3.96
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Wouldn’t It Be Funny?Mark and Helen JohnsonSeasonal5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Wouldn’t It Be Funny?

A silly song just for fun which paints a picture of an incredible topsy-turvy land! Good to accompany literacy work on nonsense rhymes – by Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, etc.

Musical Style: Quirky
Age: 5-11
Subject: Literacy; Art & Design; Humour
Vocal Range: Large (C-E)
Key: F
Musical Elements: Chromaticism
song price: £3.96
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