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Song TitleWriterCategoryAgePriceMore Info
Blue Skies (Today Will Be Hot!)Mark and Helen JohnsonSeasonal5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Blue Skies (Today Will Be Hot!)

This is summer in a song! With jaunty, syncopated rhythms and a carefree yet animated feel, it's guaranteed to get everyone into that 'blue skies' mood.

Musical Style: Jazzy
Age: 5-11
Subject: Summer; Weather
Vocal Range: Medium (D#-C#) with further reaching harmonies
Key: A
Musical Elements: Syncopation; Vocal harmonies
song price: £3.96
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Every JourneySha ArmstrongAssembly5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Every Journey

An anthemic song that encourages determination, ambition and inspiration to succeed, teaching us that with a little patience, willpower and hard work we can all reach our goals in life.

Musical Style: Anthem
Age: 5-11
Subject: Leavers; PHSE
Vocal Range: Medium (D-D)
Key: F-G
Musical Elements: Vocal harmonies; Modulation
song price: £3.96
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Hope Of Heaven (Christingle Song)Mark and Helen JohnsonChristmas5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Hope Of Heaven (Christingle Song)

The flicker of a candle flame introduces us to the magic of the Christingle. With enchanting and reflective melodies, and some lovely optional harmonies in the chorus, this beautiful song explains the significance of each element of the Christingle and is a charming addition to any Christmas service or performance.

Musical Style: A positive and reflective ballad
Age: 5-11
Subject: Christmas; RE
Vocal Range: Medium (C-C) - harmony line goes up to an E
Key: F
Musical Elements: Optional harmony part
song price: £3.96
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I’m OK!Mark and Helen JohnsonAssembly5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

I’m OK!

Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of personal value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for being ourselves. Scope for a descant part is included towards the end of the song.

Age: 5-11
Subject: PSHE
Vocal Range: Large (A-C)
Key: A-Db
Musical Elements: Harmony; part-singing
song price: £3.96
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Seeds Of FriendshipMary Green and Julie StanleySeasonal5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Seeds Of Friendship

A beautiful and thought-provoking song about friendship. Starting with a solo, voices are gradually added through each verse until the whole choir is singing, illustrating the song’s theme perfectly. Includes an optional harmony line.

Musical Style: Thoughtful ballad
Age: 5-11
Subject: Autumn; Harvest; Friendship; Peace; Assembly; Harmonies; Part-singing
Vocal Range: D-D
Key: D
Musical Elements: Solo, duet and small group singing, optional harmony
song price: £3.96
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The Golden RulePaul FieldAssembly5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is an up-beat song championing the fact that, through all our differences, we should stop and think before judging others and should treat others as we’d like them to treat us.

Musical Style: Pop
Age: 5-11
Subject: PSHE & Citizenship
Vocal Range: Large (B-C)
Key: E-F
Musical Elements: Syncopation; melodic echoes; optional harmony part
song price: £3.96
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Un, deux, troisMark and Helen JohnsonCurriculum5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Un, deux, trois

Celebrate European Day of Languages with this super song from our French collection, 'Tous Les Jours'. Easy to pick up, you'll be counting in French in no time.

Musical Style: Upbeat, with a hint of accordion
Age: 5-11
Subject: French; Numeracy; Counting; Harmonies
Vocal Range: Medium (B-A)
Key: C
Musical Elements: Harmonies; rhythmic fun
song price: £3.96
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We’re The Fun-RaisersMark and Helen JohnsonAssembly5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

We’re The Fun-Raisers

Mark and Helen Johnson have come up with another really fun, catchy and energetic song, perfect for getting you and your school on board with the Red Nose Day event. Ideal for use as a fundraising tool with plenty of creative ideas in the lyrics alone, the song also helps us focus on what the day’s all about.

Musical Style: Upbeat
Age: 5-11
Subject: Fundraising; Comedy; World Awareness
Vocal Range: Large (G-D)
Key: C-D
Musical Elements: Simple harmonies; Tongue-twister lyrics; Modulation
song price: £3.96
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