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Song TitleWriterCategoryAgePriceMore Info
Do The Dough!Ned BennettHarvest7-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Do The Dough!

A wonderfully fun song all about making bread with lots of scope for coming up with a funky Do The Dough dance for the chorus!

Musical Style: With a swing
Vocal Range: Medium (C-B)
Key: F-Gb-G
Musical Elements: Modulation
song price: £3.96
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MaytimeMark and Helen JohnsonSeasonal5-11£3.96More InfoBuy


A bright and cheery track that cries out for some skipping and dancing, or at least some toe-tapping! (A good one to try for country-dancing)

Musical Style: Modern English folk
Age: 5-11
Subject: Spring; PE; Dance
Vocal Range: Large (B-C#)
Key: A
Musical Elements: Music & movement
song price: £3.96
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Our Big BandNiki DaviesCurriculum3-6£3.96More InfoBuy

Our Big Band

This music-making song is cleverly written so that the children don’t have to sing and play at the same time. Great for teaching them the vital musical skill of playing/singing at the correct time on the correct beats – and keeping silent at the right time too!

Musical Style: Swinging, marching band style
Age: 3-6
Subject: Music
Vocal Range: Small (C-Bb)
Key: Bb
Musical Elements: Instrumental opportunities
song price: £3.96
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Poetry in MotionAnn BryantCurriculum5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Poetry in Motion

This brief but stunning poem comes from our beautiful collection Picture, Poems & Percussion 2. Each of its six lines contains a strong visual, kinaesthetic and sonic image, affording numerous opportunities for developing ideas across the curriculum.

Musical Style: Spoken
Age: 5-9
Subject: Poetry; Music & Movement; Art & Design
Vocal Range: N/A
Key: N/A
Musical Elements: Percussion
song price: £3.96
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Song For Every DayMark and Helen JohnsonAssembly5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Song For Every Day

Highlighting the joy of singing and all the benefits it can bring, this song is one you’ll sing time and time again. Surely an ideal choice for our Song Calendar, it’s a truly upbeat, timeless Out of the Ark classic where ‘catchy’ is an understatement!

Musical Style: Funk-band style
Age: 5-11
Subject: Music; Singing
Vocal Range: Small (F-D)
Key: F
Musical Elements: Syncopation; call and response
song price: £3.96
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Take 5 StylesMark and Helen JohnsonAssembly7-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Take 5 Styles

This clever song demonstrates how one basic melody can be adapted to five very different musical styles, (samba, swing, waltz, tango, and Israeli) with minimal lyric changes. It’s actually a good deal easier than it sounds and lends itself very well to some varied and energetic dancing. Hugely rewarding with just a little work.

Musical Style: Samba, Swing, Classical Waltz, Tango, Israeli (Klezmer)
Age: 7-11
Subject: Music, Musical Genres, Dance, English, PSHE
Vocal Range: Medium (D-Eb)
Key: Gm
Musical Elements: Varied styles, time signatures and tempos; structure
song price: £3.96
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The Elephant DanceMark and Helen JohnsonCurriculum3-7£3.96More InfoBuy

The Elephant Dance

With its lilting verse and stomping chorus, The Elephant Dance is full of interesting facts and features about these remarkable animals. This waltz-time feel is perfect for some music and movement, especially in the chorus where the children can really stomp around.

Musical Style: Steadily plodding
Age: 3-7
Subject: Animals; Music & Movement
Vocal Range: Medium (B-B)
Key: G
Musical Elements: Different moods generated from legato and staccato sections
song price: £3.96
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