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Song TitleWriterCategoryAgePriceMore Info
A Healthy LifeMark and Helen JohnsonAssembly5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

A Healthy Life

A fun, three-part round where each part addresses a different aspect of a healthy lifestyle – diet, exercise and rest – incorporating amusing rhymes and a memorable melody. Helpful as an introduction to the topic, this song will give you a useful framework for developing the theme much further.

Musical Style: Upbeat
Age: 5-11
Subject: PSHE & Citizenship; PE; Health
Vocal Range: Large (Bb-D)
Key: F
Musical Elements: 3-part round
song price: £3.96
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Caucus RaceMark and Helen JohnsonMusicals7-14£3.96More InfoBuy

Caucus Race

Celebrate Lewis Carroll's birthday with this crazy, energetic song from Alice the Musical. Introducing three different melodies which all come together in a thrilling 3-part finale – where everyone is a winner – this song's challenging, quite mad, but great fun!

Musical Style: A lively, country feel
Age: 7-14
Subject: English; Literacy; Drama
Vocal Range: Medium (D-D)
Key: G
Musical Elements: Part-singing
song price: £3.96
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I Went To The ShopRob StrohHarvest7-11£3.96More InfoBuy

I Went To The Shop

Great fun to sing, this song (to be sung as a round) covers all types of tea, beans, breads, pies and jams that can be found in the shops and offers a fantastically fun, tongue-twisting challenge!

Musical Style: Bright, running along
Age: 7+
Subject: Harvest
Vocal Range: Medium (B-C)
Key: C
Musical Elements: Round, part-singing
song price: £3.96
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