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Song TitleWriterCategoryAgePriceMore Info
Blue Skies (Today Will Be Hot!)Mark and Helen JohnsonSeasonal5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Blue Skies (Today Will Be Hot!)

This is summer in a song! With jaunty, syncopated rhythms and a carefree yet animated feel, it's guaranteed to get everyone into that 'blue skies' mood.

Musical Style: Jazzy
Age: 5-11
Subject: Summer; Weather
Vocal Range: Medium (D#-C#) with further reaching harmonies
Key: A
Musical Elements: Syncopation; Vocal harmonies
song price: £3.96
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Can You See The Lightning?Niki DaviesCurriculum3-6£3.96More InfoBuy

Can You See The Lightning?

This is the second song from the mini-musical The Princess and the Pea – one of our Song and Story books. It is a stormy weather report full of percussion opportunities for younger children and a great song to use as part of a weather project.

Musical Style: Rumbling steadily
Age: 3-6
Subject: Weather
Vocal Range: Medium (B-B)
Key: Bm
Musical Elements: Percussion Parts
song price: £3.96
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Lying In The DaisiesNiki DaviesCurriculum3-6£3.96More InfoBuy

Lying In The Daisies

A dreamy, floaty song about watching the shapes clouds make in the sky. Perfect for exploring further with literacy and art projects focusing on imagination and fantasy.

Musical Style: Dreamlike
Age: 3-6
Subject: Summer; Nature; Weather; Imagination
Vocal Range: Small (C-G)
Key: C
Musical Elements: Very simple melodic line
song price: £3.96
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Snow SongMark and Helen JohnsonSeasonal5-11£3.96More InfoBuy

Snow Song

Evocative lyrics and a reflective melody give this song an enchanting feel. Ideal for those magical snow-covered days and useful for many kinds of creative work, it’s the perfect snow song!

Musical Style: Magical and reflective
Age: 5-11
Subject: Winter; Weather; Christmas
Vocal Range: Medium (C-C)
Key: C
song price: £3.96
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Wet, Wet, Wet!Niki DaviesSeasonal3-7£3.96More InfoBuy

Wet, Wet, Wet!

A simple and repetitive song, very quick to pick up and full of splashy fun!

Musical Style: Cheerful and bouncy
Age: 3-6
Subject: Weather; Rain; Spring; Early Years; Wear Your Wellies Day
Vocal Range: Small (D-A)
Key: D
Musical Elements: Snappy rhythms and rests
song price: £3.96
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