5 Valentine's Day Songs For The Classroom

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Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and love is in the air! But, do your students know of the ancient story that resulted in a day of love?

To be honest, no one really knows the truth! Most believe that Valentine’s Day started in the year 268, when Emperor Claudius II ruled over Rome. The emperor wanted a fierce army and found that any married man was too emotional to fight, so he banned any young man from marrying. However, a Priest named Valentine thought this was a cruel demand, so he risked his life to marry young couples in secret. Sadly, Claudius found out about Valentine’s betrayal of the law and had him killed. Yet, for his bravery and self-sacrifice, the Catholic Church honoured Valentine’s memory by making him a Saint – Saint Valentine. So, despite Emperor Claudius II’s powerful army, love conquered all!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on the 14th February. To help “put a little love in your” school, we’ve put together a list of amazing school songs along with some fantastic classroom ideas and discussion points to mark the age-old tradition of St Valentine. We know it can be a tricky one to teach (with giggles often getting in the way) but with so much room to touch on themes of friendship, compassion, caring and much more, it’s a must for any classroom teacher.
1. Valentine from The Niki Davies Calendar of Songs
Age 3-7
This up-beat song is perfect for introducing the younger years to the concept of valentines. Who would they give their valentines card to? 
Why not try making these wonderful origami hearts for a colourful display in your classroom. It’s really simple and all the children can customise their own hearts with their very own colour scheme. Take a look here for instructions.
credit: artbarblog.com/

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2. All My Friends from Sing™ A Joyful Assembly
Age 5-11
It’s not all about romance though! This bouncy song about friendship celebrates a different type of love all together. It also inspires a sense of community and togetherness that runs throughout the award-winning Sing™ series.
Maybe you could have a discussion of why the children care about their friends? What makes them special? Why not write a list? Or play a game like “it” – get the children to stand in circles and then one child starts by “tagging” someone else and telling them why they are a special friend.

View the full Sing™ Series here.

3. As One from Songs For EVERY Body
Age 5-11

This true Out of the Ark Music anthem is a joyous exploration of how we show love and ultimately what love can bring when we live as one. It’s a powerful song which has a great message, and take it from us, it’s a delight to sing and one of our favourites.
Can the children pick out the ways in which we can show love? (Hint: there’s lots to choose from in this song!).

View the full Songs For EVERY Series here.

4. Special Friend from My World: People Who Help Us
Age 3-7

This adorable, easy-to-learn song underlines the importance of friendship. Why not get the children to write and illustrate a note of kindness to the person sat next to them? It’s a great way for children to learn about the value of each other.

View the full My World Series here.

5. Love In My Heart from Songs For EVERY Body
Age 5-11

If you want some high-energy assembly fun to kick off the week, look no further than this wonderfully uplifting song which underlines the importance of love compared to superficial things. 
What things do the children in your class love? Why not get them to create some mind maps on the things they love. What’s the most common theme?

View the full Songs For EVERY Series here.
We hope our selection of lovely songs has left you feeling very warm-hearted. Or have you been left wondering about what happened to the mean Emperor Claudius II?
Find out more about the Romans in That's What I Call A Class Assembly: The Romans, ages 7-11.
In this super assembly, witness Roman roads under construction and a century of marching soldiers, and be transported to a grand villa full of wealthy Romans preparing for a visit from the Emperor Claudius with his elephant and wife.

Written by Fred Stiddard – Sales & Marketing Assistant, Out of the Ark Music Team


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