Christmas Quiz – The Answers!

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And so for the answers to our Christmas number 1s quiz. How did you do? The correct answers are highlighted in red, while blue indicates some great Christmas hits that either only made it to the number 2 slot or were never Christmas hits in the UK at all! 
The autumn term is one of huge changes: it starts in the long-evening-ed golden glow of summer, passes through the drizzly mist of autumn and ends with winter forcing wet playtimes and leaving the school littered with scarves, bobble hats and single gloves.

New pupils, so nervous and tiny on their first day, have become familiar faces, confident and entirely at home as they move around the school. You’ve planned reams of lessons, marked many biros’ worth of work, celebrated harvest festivals, rehearsed and performed Christmas concerts and nativities… it’s a mad world (2003) that can, at times, get too much (1997)! Then, just when you believe (2007) it can’t get any more hectic, and you don’t want to stay another day (1994) longer in the classroom, hallelujah (2008. It was also number 2 in the same year), the holidays ride to the rescue and, for a few weeks at least, it’s time to say goodbye (1998) to school and hello to the green, green grass of home (1966)

Of course, you’re exhausted, but when you do finally get a second to yourself, jingle bells tinkling at the edge of your consciousness, and you open that ‘Let’s have another party (1954)’ mug giftset and all the ‘I love you (1960)’ Christmas cards, your spirit lifts immediately – what a wonderful world it is really! And sometimes it takes a moment like this (2006) to make you feel as if only you (1983) know the true ups and downs, the trials and the tribulations that teaching in a primary school can bring each and every day.

So go on, get on home, love yourself – you’ve earned it! Shut the front door, let Bing Crosby croon White Christmas to you (or maybe you’d be happier with Uptown Funk). Decorate that tree, hang up the mistletoe and why n...(1988 - sorry!)...ot treat yourself to a glass of something bubbly?

And from all of us at Out of the Ark –
merry Christmas everyone (1985), wherever you are (2011)
Finally, thanks to all of you who entered; you all deserve a huge round of applause! Sadly, however, there can be only one winner, and congratulations are due to Michaela, for the first entry with the greatest number of correct answers (an impressive score of 11!). We’ll be in touch soon to sort out delivery of your prize!
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