I'm Gonna Shine!

A dazzling nativity
By Naomi Johnson, Script by Sue Langwade
Ages: 5-9

Gloria, the brightest star in all of heaven, takes centre stage on a tricky journey to Bethlehem as she lights the way for the three wise men. As Mary, Joseph and the shepherds also make the long journey, we meet Gabriel, the other angels and an angry King Herod. Will they all be able to reach Bethlehem safely to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus? I’m Gonna Shine! is a dazzling nativity musical for 5-9 year olds following the traditional Christmas story, with an entertaining script and seven contemporary, shiny new songs. Available with Words on Screen™.

An Annual Performance Licence is required to perform this nativity. For more information, please see below.

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About I'm Gonna Shine!

  • Fantastic script and seven new songs that are ideal for 5-9 year olds.
  • Adaptable script for smaller and larger group performances with ideas on staging, costumes and props.
  • Two fun dance/action videos to accompany the songs, available online.
  • Available with a Words on Screen™ allowing you to display song lyrics on any whiteboard, computer screen, television or interactive touchscreen. The lyrics synchronize with the music as it plays making them easy to teach and easy to learn!

Gloria, the brightest star of them all, has a really important job to do – she needs to shine, shine, shine so that the three wise men follow her all the way to Bethlehem.

Meanwhile, many others are making their separate journeys towards Bethlehem including a tired young couple, Mary and Joseph, and some shepherds whose ‘quiet night out’ is interrupted by the dazzling sights and sounds of a heavenly choir!

As you journey alongside the various travellers making their way to Bethlehem, find yourself drawn into the story of a search for true treasure, which culminates in the gathering at a humble stable where all are welcome to join in the rousing celebrations.

An Annual Performance Licence is required to perform this nativity.

What's Available:

  • Book
  • Audio CD
  • Words on Screen™ CD ROM
  • Words on Screen™ eSongbook
  • Annual Performance Licence
Running Time:

Total performance: 50 minutes approx
Total length of music: 19 minutes approx.

Sample Script:

Sample Script

Cast List:Character List & Staging

A note on staging

The number of speaking parts is 59. This can easily be reduced to 35 by:
  • Having just four stars and splitting their lines accordingly.
  • Joe, Maudie and the seller doubling up as the shepherds, splitting the six shepherds’ lines between the three of them.
  • Having just two customers who would double up as the angels (just two).
  • Having just three sheep, splitting the lines accordingly, who would double up as the three camels.
  • Having only two guards and two dancers who along with the servant and the jester would double up as the three innkeepers and the three innkeepers’ wives.
  • Not having the two ‘children’ characters in the play.

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Licence Information

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Annual Performance Licence Information

A current Annual Performance Licence is required to perform this nativity to an audience (other than to pupils & staff).

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How To Renew

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Listen to Songs

I'm Gonna Shine!
Wise Men, Wise Men
I'm The King!
Don't Be Afraid
Off We Go
We've All Come Together
Can You Hear The Angels Singing?

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