December 2019  


By Mary Green & Julie Stanley
Ages 7-11


It is 1066 and Edward the Confessor has died, but who is going to become king? Follow the fight for the crown between Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William of Normandy; take part in a choreographed Battle of Hastings; and watch the stitchers at work on the Bayeux Tapestry in this fabulous 1066 class assembly.

By Mary Green & Julie Stanley
Ages 5-7


Welcome to Wordy-Birdie World! It’s full of Noun Birds, Verb Birds, Adjective Birds, Creative Writing Birds and many more to help make writing more exciting! With a fun script and four fabulous songs to embed onomatopoeia, syllables, creative writing and rhyming, this class assembly will really bring literacy to life!

October 2019  

Out of the Ark Music Wins GOLD at the Nusery World Equipment & Resources Awards 2019!

Out of the Ark Music are thrilled to have won two awards at the Nursery World Equipment & Resources Awards 2019!

The Niki Davies Book Of Songs For Spring And Summer won GOLD in the Creativity category.
The Niki Davies Book Of Songs For Autumn And Winter also won GOLD in the Creativity category.


September 2019  

We're at the Music & Drama Education Expo in Manchester

10 October 2019
Old Trafford, Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester M16 0RA

Come and say hello! Don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive show offers and check out our award-winning products! 

September 2019  

Winner! – Burley Oaks Primary School Win the Bradford Music Education Hub Singing Challenge

Congratulations to Burley Oak Primary School, on coming first in the Bradford Music Education Hub Singing Challenge with their breath-taking rendition of One Little Voice that was praised by the judges for its amazing community spirit, infectious enthusiasm and of course, really fantastic singing. As well deserved winners they have won £100 worth of Out of the Ark Music resources which we hope they will use to keep on singing throughout the school year.

Judges feedback - "Amazing! This gave us literal goose-bumps, it’s uplifting, inspiring and really well put together! The enthusiasm, tuning and diction of the singing is amazing for such a large group. The progression throughout the song of adding singers (and even the parents at the end!) makes it truly magical, there’s a real community spirit throughout. Also, a special mention to the brave soloist and others who sing the beginning section, they showed great courage to do that."

Watch their amazing video here!

June 2019  


Lights, Camel, Action 2! The Sequin
By Antony Copus
Ages 5-11


They’re back! A star-studded line-up of nativity celebrities has gathered in the stable once again to celebrate the amazing events of that first Christmas. With a retelling of the incredible story of Jesus’ birth alongside a fabulous new range of dance styles from gospel to hustle and ceilidh to conga, settle yourselves in for a Christmas celebration full of pizzazz and razzmatazz!

The judges have gathered their scorecards, dancers are waiting in the wings and the audience is assembled for Lights, Camel Action 2! The Sequin.


Everyone Loves A Baby!
By Mark & Helen Johnson, Script by Sue Langwade
Ages 3-7


At a Bethlehem inn, six children live with their parents – a kind innkeeper and his wife, who have just had a new baby. But the children aren’t too keen on the new addition. They’d rather have a dog, a donkey, or even a camel!

In an effort to escape all the baby talk, the children go in search of their friend Bill. On the way they meet Mary, Joseph, three wise men and some shepherds, who are all talking about another baby – baby Jesus.

This nativity musical by best-selling songwriters Mark and Helen Johnson contains seven great new songs specially written for 3-7 year olds. The simple, gently humorous script contains lots of non-speaking parts. Told from a child’s perspective, Everyone Loves A Baby! is an endearing take on the traditional Christmas story and will delight pupils and parents alike.  

I'm Gonna Shine!
By Naomi Johnson, 
Script by Sue Langwade
Ages 5-9


Gloria, the brightest star of them all, has a really important job to do – she needs to shine, shine, shine so that the three wise men follow her all the way to Bethlehem.

Meanwhile, many others are making their separate journeys towards Bethlehem including a tired young couple, Mary and Joseph, and some shepherds whose ‘quiet night out’ is interrupted by the dazzling sights and sounds of a heavenly choir!

As you journey alongside the various travellers making their way to Bethlehem, find yourself drawn into the story of a search for true treasure, which culminates in the gathering at a humble stable where all are welcome to join in the rousing celebrations.

June 2019

Restoring The Sound

Out of the Ark Music and our sister company Same Boat Music are proud to be supporting the work of Restoring the Sound in Johannesburg South Africa. Restoring the Sound aims to give a voice to young people in difficult situations in South Africa that may not otherwise be heard.

Over the course of the next few weeks we'll keep you updated with news and videos of the project – Check back here for updates!

April 2019  

A Singing School Is A Successful School

A Singing School Is A Successful School (a primary school singing intervention from Out of the Ark Music) has resulted in a 10% increase in children’s confidence and academic progress. In collaboration with Professor Susan Hallam MBE and the Milton Keynes and Sheffield Music Hubs, Out of the Ark Music has conducted a major research project into the most effective ways of integrating music (and singing in particular) into the school curriculum, measuring the impact on a range of outcomes, including well-being, confidence, as well as academic attainment across the general and music curricula.

Click here to find out more

March 2019  

2 NEW Products For The Summer Term

Summer Assembly Songs Summer Assembly Songs
Mark and Helen Johnson
Ages 5-11

This delightfully refreshing bunch of brand-new songs from Mark and Helen Johnson is ideal for celebrating summer. With 15 brilliant assembly songs, Summer Assembly Songs includes songs for Leavers, Walking to School Week and Father’s Day, as well as songs about going to the beach and insects in the garden – there’s heaps of potential for happy summertime singing. 

Open your eyes to the wonder of life, There’s a world of delight right in front of you.

Now in stock

Sarah Baker
Ages 3-7

Speedy the tadpole is sad because he can’t sing along with the froggy chorus. However, one day strange things begin to happen to him as he starts to turn into a frog! With the help of his pond and garden friends, Speedy learns a few valuable lessons along the way. Croak! – a delightful musical for 3-7 year olds that explores the life cycle of a frog. 

Now in stock


December 2018

2 NEW Products For The Spring Term

Spring Assembly Songs Spring Assembly Songs
Mark and Helen Johnson
Ages 5-11
Now in stock

Highly anticipated, and building on the success of the much-loved Songs For EVERY series, welcome to a brand-new collection of catchy and lively assembly songs that are sure to put a spring in your step as you sing through the season. Spring Assembly Songs marks a first for Out of the Ark Music: we’ve included 15 fabulous assembly plans that you can pick up easily and run with. We've also included our invaluable music activity pages – one for each song. These help to build upon and release all the musical potential and possibilities contained within each song. Additionally, our creative arts ideas pages will excite and inspire those creative juices!

Spring Assembly Songs is colourful, fresh and upbeat and has the energy of the earth flowing through its veins. - John Dabell, Teach Primary Magazine.


Maths That's What I Call A Class Assembly: Maths
Mary Green and Julie Stanley
Ages 5-7
Now in stock

Introducing the newest member to our fabulous That's What I Call A Class Assembly! series. That's What I Call A Class Assembly: Maths is the perfect resource to support learning. Packed with a fun script and 4 easy-to-learn songs reinforcing core maths topics. Including counting in twos, fives, tens & hundreds, estimation and measurement, number bonds to 10, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This imaginative script and collection of songs also contains a selection of wonderful added extras to make your class assembly one that really counts!


Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs in the new year. We will be learning all about: New Year celebrations and traditions around the world; how to kick start music in your school; different ways to teach classes about the Chinese New Year; what inspired Ann Beresford to reinvent the The Tale Of 3 Trees; and find out about our favourite love songs in our Valentine’s Day special.

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November 2018

Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2019

We are really excited to have been selected as finalists for the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2019 in two categories this year.

The Outstanding Music Education Product Award for our Partnership project with Sheffield Music Hub - The Sheffield Primary School Singing Support Pack

Sheffield Support Pack The Sheffield Primary School Singing Support Pack – created in partnership with Sheffield Music Hub and Out of the Ark Music, emerged from a joint belief that every child deserves an opportunity not just to sing together, but to strive for quality of performance whilst they do it. Driven by a desire to engage with every primary and special school in Sheffield, its aim was to create a shared songbook with something for everyone: assembly singing, younger and older voices, improvisation, musical learning, ukuleles and more.

In order to ensure that every school could get the most out of it, the book was also packed with tips on how to use the songs, warm-up techniques and music and cross-curricular activities. All schools were also given online access to the songs and resources through Out of the Ark’s Words on Screen™ player, making teaching, using and performing songs easy even for non-specialists.

Award Finalist The book was launched at a prestigious event at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre and was followed up by a series of CPD sessions on using the resource as a springboard to develop creative approaches to a whole range of cross-curricular activity. The Hub put in place a range of singing and learning opportunities around the support pack, each including at least one of the featured songs. What followed was a year-long singing extravaganza with activities ranging from singing festivals to a ‘Big Sing’ in partnership with Music In The Round, and even an orchestration of one of the songs for joint performance between children, staff and parents and the Hallé orchestra!

Year 2 of the Sheffield project is now online (aiming to develop specific areas of singing) whilst the enormous success of the original Singing Support Pack has seen it rolled out to other Music Hubs including Barnsley, Nottinghamshire and Leeds.

Year 3 is already being planned with a second songbook of another 6 songs to be delivered in September 2019.

We talked to Peter Taylor and Colette Dutot from Sheffield Music Hub about the project. Click here to read the full article and find out more about the details of the project.

The Outstanding Musical Theatre/Drama Education Resource Award for our range of over 60 nativities and musicals.

Out of the Ark Music has a passion for musical productions and we believe this nomination is recognition of that! Whether you wish to stage a mega-musical with a cast of hundreds or a smaller production with a group of twenty, we believe that you will find our every growing selection of musicals and nativities to be just what you are looking for. With catchy, memorable songs that schools love to sing, our productions come with witty and amusing scripts that will make any performance even more enjoyable. They also come with a variety of helpful additional resources to make putting on a show easy and stress free - in a nutshell we’ve made it easy for you!

Bah Humbug A King Is Born The Bee Musical Treachery At Traitors QuayAward Finalist 2

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