The Best Primary School Songs For Remembrance Day

If you are planning a Remembrance Day assembly or service in your school, for the annual commemorations on the 11th November, why not sing one of these songs which encourages reflection and thankfulness.

1. Days When We Remember

Days When We Remember

By Mary Green & Julie Stanley

“We always tell their stories, we will always be in debt”. A song of thanks and gratitude to those who have given their lives for our country. Includes optional harmony and solo opportunities. Age 7+

Taken from S!ng Celebration.

2. This Remembrance Day

This Remembrance Day

By Naomi Johnson

This reflective song deals with the subject of remembrance and those men and women who have fought for the country. With additional cross-curricular ideas and tips. Ages 5+

Available as a single song.  

3. Wear A Poppy Today

Wear A Poppy Today

By Niki Davies

The simple lyrics in this more upbeat song will help younger children understand the difficult concept of remembrance day. Ages 3+

Taken from The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs.

4. We Will Remember

We Will Remember

By Mark and Helen Johnson

A simple song intended for use in the week leading up to Remembrance Day (November 11th). The instrumental verse allows for quiet reflection or graphic interpretation. Ages 5+

Taken from Songs For EVERY Occasion.