Acorns To Oak Trees

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I don’t know about you, but I think the idea of a TEENY TINY little acorn turning into a grand, sturdy oak tree is something to be amazed by! We wrote Mr Oak Tree from Songs For EVERY Autumn Assembly for precisely this reason - this is surely something to sing about and celebrate. This blog will help you to use this song as a springboard into wider learning, meaningful discussions and provides an opportunity to get the coloured pencils out – WIN!


So, how does an acorn become an oak tree? In the literal sense it takes a little acorn, some soil, sunshine, rainfall and a whole lot of patience. Oak trees can sometimes live for more than 600 years - yet they start as a tiny acorn. Again, pretty amazing stuff! The life cycle of the acorn is something that could be explored through art, science, or even getting potting them yourself/as a class. We’ve linked a couple of videos that are class-friendly and will inform and inspire!


This is my favourite bit when we talk about acorns becoming oak trees. There are SO many messages we can be unpacking about small beginnings, big ambitions, determination, and good things taking their time. I think this goes a lot further than asking the class ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ How about having a class discussion around:

  • What’s something that feels big and scary, that you would LOVE to do?
  • What’s something you’re looking forward to doing as an adult, or in secondary school?
  • What’s something you’re excited to accomplish?
  • What/who do you want to be like when you’re older? (I love this one, because we can talk about attributes e.g. I’d like to be caring and generous, as well as people we admire!)

Another fun way to approach the small beginnings aspect of this is to look at some important figures, whether historic, or public figures of today. Where did they start? How did they get to where they want to be? More often than not, you’ll find the ‘patiently waiting’ bit is important. David Attenborough didn’t wake up one day as a national treasure, Marcus Rashford didn’t join the team overnight. These people’s journeys can be really powerful learning tools. Let’s start talking about how these people got to where they are today.

BONUS SONG – This general theme is approached in a fun, light-hearted way in the song When I Grow Up from the fabulous Tim Minchin's Matilda: The Musical. It talks about the little, playful things that kids might be excited about when they’re older – career aside. This could also be a great way of opening up the conversation.

The Arty Bit

Cute little acorns and big oak trees are visually great things to be inspired by, whether it’s drawing the cycle of the acorn, or just having fun with fingerpainting trees. When I think about this song I can’t help but see a big, wise-looking oak tree character with a HUGE smile on its face/trunk… perhaps that’s a place to start! Here are some lyric quotes from Mr Oak Tree, to be inspired by in whichever way the wind takes you!

  • Big things start out small
  • Mr Oak tree stood in the garden
  • Who’d have thought that you were an acorn sitting in someone’s hand
  • tucked away in the tiniest places of all
  • Now you’re a story told
The Bible Bit
The Bible refers to trees a lot. Oak trees are often talked about for their strength and stability. In the book of Matthew, God’s kingdom is described as an acorn that the farmer plants. ‘Small as seeds go, but year on year it grows’. See Matthew 13 v 31-32 and Isaiah 61v 3 for more on this!
The Extra Bit

There is so much value in the messages than can be unpacked from this song. Why not use this blog to help you structure an assembly all about growing, new life, dreams and amazing things taking a little bit of patience?

You can also find some fabulous assemblies that are ready to go, pre planned and all! These are sitting in Sparkyard, so log in and take a look. Here’s one to get you started.

This little song can be found in our Songs for EVERY Autumn Assembly songbook. BONUS SONG - If you’re looking at life cycles and want to get a playlist going, why not look for The Seed Song from Songs For EVERY Easter? – it’s a cute one!
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