Five Top Ideas For 'Thank A Teacher Day'

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It’s usually towards the end of the summer term that all the ‘Best Teacher’ cards and mugs start appearing in the shops. However, as everything is so topsy-turvy right now, why not sneak up on your teachers and surprise them with a great big THANK YOU! this week? You might not be able to present them with a mug, but you will certainly raise a smile (and perhaps a tear or two) if you get your children to take up any of the following suggestions:


1. It all starts with...

Write an acrostic poem, using the word ‘teacher’, or your teacher’s name.  An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line (or the last letter of each line) spells out a specific word.  So for the word TEACHER it might look something like this:
The best!
Every day s/he makes me smile
Always friendly
Cross? Never!
Happy to help
Eats biscuits like a champion
Reminds me of a……
You could produce it on a computer and show off your IT skills, or write it out, decorate it and send a copy to your teacher.

2. 'Ave a what?

Avatar! Create an avatar for your teacher (an image reflecting their character and identity).
You can do this simply here. 
Send your avatar to your teacher along with a recipe for making them. For example:

Take                (lots of dark curly/ blue spiky hair)
Add                 (2 green eyes)
Mix together   (a great sense of humour and lots of energy)
Stir in              (a large dollop of kindness)
Combine         (a strict voice with a lot of fun)
Place in a classroom and leave to rest!
Oh, the gift that God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” Robert Burns

3. Acting Up

Have you ever wanted to be in the “Director’s Chair” and be a teacher? Why not start now and make a short video to share with your teacher?
Gather together some stuffed toys, dolls, pets, family. This will be your class. Choose something to teach them and act it out, trying to be as much like your teacher as you can, making sure you show what’s best about your teacher.
Pick a story that is one of your teacher’s favourites or one you have shared together as a class.
Act out the part you like best, using toys etc. Alternatively, you can make up your own; teachers love original stories too.
If you are unable to make a recording, you could make a storyboard.  (A storyboard is a way of showing in pictures what will happen in your video). 

Download a template here.

4. Tickle

Record yourself telling some teacher jokes. Here are a few to get you started.

5. A teacher's life is a colourful one

For something a bit more reflective, why not say thank you with a card or some artwork,  have a look here.

and while being artistic, why not listen to these songs:
 It’s Time To Celebrate from Sing™ A Joyful Assembly 

Or for younger voices the song 
My Teacher from My World: People Who Help Us   

You could even join in!  

Written by Sue Langwade – Guest Writer for Out of the Ark Music

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